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Vinyl Lined Pools

There are many advantages to owning a vinyl pool. Vinyl pools provide the most flexible pool system for ease of customization from the pools shape, depth, color, pattern, to the unlimited catalog of accessories that can be added. The smooth and non-pourous surface of a vinyl pool makes it hard for algae and other bacteria to grow, which in turn aids in keeping your pool maintenance to a minimum. With todays new advanced eco-friendly filtering systems and chemical alternatives such as a saltwater pool system, it's never been easier or more affordable to own a pool!



Here at Aquarius Pools we specialize in vinyl lined pools manufactured by Fox Pools. Known for providing the strongest steel wall panel inground pools available, Fox pools are constructed using heavy duty 14 gauge powder coated panels that ensure extreme durability and enhanced longevity of your pool.


With the Fox X-Brace, and FoxGard™ steel panels or the economical StanGard steel panels we can achieve any imaginable size or shape you can dream of. By using Fox Pools steel panels we can guarantee that your pool will be amazingly strong and sound for many years to come.


To enhance the beauty of your vinyl pool, we offer a large selection of equipment and accessories to make your time in and around the pool that much more enjoyable. Click here to view the accessories page.



Standard Pool Shapes


Hover your mouse over the shape to see the name.

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