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Waterfall Spas


Our WaterFall spas are actually three products in one. It's a graceful waterfall that's soothing to watch and listen to, it's a six person spa complete with hydro-therapy jets and heated water, and when you add the special toddler insert (round spas only), it becomes a wading pool for children. Of course, you'll always want to supervise children around the pool. The Fox WaterFall spa comes with a 250,000 BTU heater and hard cover and is available in Sparkling White or Gray Granite.


Poolmate Spas


If a WaterFall is not your style then choose the PoolMate spa, which is designed to be located near your pool or really anywhere you choose. The standard PoolMate is designed to use your pool's filtration system to operate the spa and comes with a 250,000 BTU heater than can be used to heat the pool water too, an important added benefit. The PoolMate Plus features its own pump, heater and filtration system. Since it doesn't rely on the pool's filtration system it can be used year round and can be located anywhere you choose. Like the WaterFall spas it is available in Sparkling White or Gray Granite. All Fox In-ground spas carry a 5 year limited warranty.


Fox In-Ground Spa Features


  • Easy Entry Steps - Easy entry steps for safe, easy access to your spa.

  • Heavy Insulation & Hard Cover - Expanded foam insulation & hard cover keeps the heat where you want it, reducing energy costs.

  • Toddler Insert - Special toddler insert quickly converts your spa to a wading pool for children. (Round spas only)

  • 25 Jet Massaging Power - A total of 25 jets at various stations in the spa provide relaxing hydrotherapy action wherever you need it. (12 jet models also available)

  • Easy Cleaning Skimmer - This built-in skimmer with cartridge filter helps keep your spa clean with minimal attention. Simply replace the cartridge when it becomes dirty.

  • Durable Spa Shell Material - Every WaterFall and PoolMate spa is made from a high strength textured acrylic to ensure long lasting performance.


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