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Fiberglass Pools

With it's one piece construction and gorgeous shapes, a fiberglass pool could be the right choice for your new outdoor/indoor pool. The one piece construction provides benefits over other pool types in the form of a much shorter install time and easier maintenance thanks to it's super smooth surface. Aquarius Pools is a certified installer of fiberglass pools from San Juan pools. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of owning a fiberglass pool.


To enhance the beauty of your fiberglass pool we offer a large selection of equipment and accessories to make your time in and around the pool that much more enjoyable. Click here to view the accessories page.


Fiberglass Pool Shapes


 For more information and photo galleries of these pool shapes, pictures of installation, and to even see 3d images for every shape we offer visit the San Juan Pools website. There are 78 designs to choose from!!


San Juan Fiberglass Pools Link

Designs and specifications are subject to change please visit San Juan Pools for the latest in these great pools. 

There are 78 designs to choose from!!. 

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