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Deck Jets


The beauty and elegance of arched streams of water splashing into your pool can be found with these incredible deck jets. The heads are highly adjustable and will allow you to increase the arc and angle of your streams up and down as well as side to side. This incredible water feature can also be installed with LED lighting that will transform the streams of water into beams of light.


Rocks and Waterfalls


Nothing soothes the soul as much as the gentle sounds of cascading water. Our line of Fox Spas can come with or without cascading waterfalls that flow gently into your pool creating a calm and relaxing sound. If a spa isn't in your plans, Aquarius pools can create a custom rock waterfall to your specifications.


Walk In / Swim Out Steps


Select from a wide range of sizes and types including straight for pools with straight walls and radius for pools with curves. Choose from 6', 8' and 10' stairs, or add a Fox Swimout to your pool's deep end for easy exit. Every Fox stair is made of a tough, durable, weather resistant polymer resin designed to withstand the everyday use while serving as an integral part of your pool wall.


Buddy Seat


The Buddy Seat Lounge gives you two contoured lounge seats inside the pool, complete with massaging hydrotherapy jets for pure relaxation. With the Buddy Seat Lounge you'll always have a cool place to sit and read or just relax, right in the pool.  **AS OF 2019 ONLY AVAILABLE IN WHITE**


Diving / Sliding Boards


Adding a properly matched diving board to your Fox designed diving pool will give you an extra element of fun. Fox water slides add a new dimension to the swimming experience for children and adults alike. Choose from several models to add to your custom Fox Pool.  Several new slides available this year.  Check them out at


Bench Seat


New to the line-up of accessories for Fox Pools is the new in-pool bench seat that allows you and your guests to relax in the cool comfort of your pool. Designed to work in both shallow and deep areas of your pool.


LED / Fiber Optic Pool Lighting


The fun doesn't have to stop when the sun goes down. A low voltage LED light system can transform your pool into a kaleidoscope of colors. For the ultimate in stunning visuals a fiber optic peremiter lighting system can take your pool to the next level with bright strands of fiber optics cycling through the color spectrum.


Eco Friendly Equipment


Live smart and play smart with our line of eco friendly pumps and heaters. Using the latest in todays technology our variable speed pumps allow you to operate your pool more effeciently and effectively while using less power. Highly popular are our Salt Water Generators that balances the proper levels of pH in your pool without the added cost of chlorine.


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